Bird Nest Swing

The game has been manufactured in accordance with the European Standards of the “Equipment Safety Law EN 1176.”


Dimensions (length x width x height)  370x160x230h

Safety area: 27m²

Free Fall height:  130cm

Number of users:  4

Age group: 3-12 years



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    Made with wooden laminated pine timber autoclave with non-toxic salts. Composed by 4 pillars of bonded section 9×9 cm and beam section 9×20 cm rectangular. There is a seat in the cradle consists of a mixture of synthetic rope with colored inner core of steel and chain-mesh galvanized welded and connected to the beam focus with doubleended stainless steel. Assembled by 8.8 galvanized steel bolts and nuts. Elements covernut under colored nylon. Attacks galvanized metal for anchoring to the ground.