Fitness Equipment SW1110

The game has been manufactured in accordance with the European Standards of the “Equipment Safety Law EN 1176.”

Dimensions (length x width x height)  1.97  x 0.75 m

Safety area: 28.3m²

Free Fall height:  1.5 m

Age group: 14+


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    It includes various power exercises, including push-ups. Moderate loads help improve the endurance and strength of the upper body.

    Workout exercisers are equipment for people who are interested in improving their health. They are installed for outdoor exercise. They allow you to maintain physical shape, tested for strength and safety. Will help you become the owner of athletic figure, good health and mood.

    Realizing the high degree of responsibility, in the process of development and manufacture, the requirements of the normative and technical documentation of Ukraine and European standards EN-1176. All production has passed examination of the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic service of Ukraine, certification ISO and TUV.

    It is not recommended to use under adverse weather conditions in which there is a possibility of injury!

    The safety zone is 2 m in all directions from the projection of the product.

    Installation of the equipment involves concreting mortar parts.